ASA Live in Lagos Concert


To create and operate a first-class concert befitting of International act ASA!

3,000 Attendees


Attendee demographics

Die-hard ASA fans. Create security and speed of entry/exit for 3,000 concert attendees. Limit/eliminate long queues at the concession stands. Create a 360 experience for all the attendees regardless of ticket type or category. Create a world-class concert atmosphere with the focus on Asa and her core fan-base.

Create heightened drama and emotion using lighting and AV given the acoustics and the limited lighting options of the concert venue. Create an opportunity for Asa to connect with her fans after the concert.


Excellent reviews on key cultural social media sites. Asa invited NS to plan the next iteration of the ASA Live series. No bid. Feedback polls indicated the audience rated the logistics high (average 7/10)

What we did for ASA

Traffic analysis of the venue to determine clusters. Introducing additional entry and illuminated exit signage after the show. Additional guides/ushers to help concert goers find their seats and help them find the exits after the show.

Dramatic entry tunnel lined with huge well-lit posters of ASA, to build up the sense of anticipation… fans could get enough photos with “ASA” Invert the traditional Nigerian approach for concert seating.

Eliminate the use of tables on the front row for VIPs by creating an exclusive lounge at the mezzanine where the guests were treated to champagne and exquisite ou d’oeuvres during the interlude. Our pre-assigned seating arrangement ensured that they didn’t lose their seats during the break. Created food and drink vouchers to eliminate the usual long queues.
Afterparty with ASA and core fans.