Dealing with Difficult Clients

Hey people! How are you doing?


Let’s be honest, as Event Planners, we’ve certainly had our quota of wonderful clients who can only be termed as difficult! These are some lessons we’ve learnt along the way:


  • Give your clients room to tell you how they feel: It’s important to allow your client vent when they need to. Most times, they just want people to listen to their point of view. You can never tell, you may learn something just by paying attention.


  • Show them you know your job: Most times, this will be the first time the client will be entrusting their precious event into your hands. They don’t know first-hand, how capable you are. You know what you can do? Give them idea of your entire work process, from conceptualisation to execution. If need be, you can get them in touch with a past client who can brief them on how amazing you are.


  • Be proactive: This goes hand in hand with the point above. You must learn to anticipate issues and come up with solutions before they arrive.


  • Patience is key!: Be level headed. Clients may be short tempered and even flip out. Learn to be calm and not take things personal. Once you ensure your clients’ behaviour doesn’t affect your demeanour, it becomes easier to meet at a middle ground.


  • Learn to let go: Some things are just not meant to happen. There may be times when you have to count your losses and move on. What’s the point in retaining a client but gaining a damaged reputation.


Last but not the least, in the words of our CEO, ‘Under Promise and Over Deliver’.