DIY Affairs: A Simple Guide for Planning a Children’s Party

A couple of weeks ago, No Surprises Events had the amazing opportunity to plan our first children’s party. It will be great to get the stress of you by hiring Event Architects – like us, ;). However, there’ll be a number of you who may want to go the DIY route. To help the DIY pros out, we’ve put together a short guide which can be reviewed when planning your child’s party:


  • Budget– How much do you want to spend? This is super important. Note down a figure and stick to it!


  • Theme– Having a theme can be very helpful in creating the kind of experience you want your little ones and their friends to have. Does your child have a favourite character? Do you have a pilot in the making? A ballerina? Let your imagination run wild when thinking about the décor, stationery and food.


  • Guest List– Depending on your budget, you’ll have to determine the number of children you’ll be inviting. Once you’ve decided on a number, you can determine wom. Apart from family members and close family friends, most parents invite their child’s entire class to make sure no one feels left out. If you plan on having a smaller gathering, you can invite only those that your child is really close to by placing phone calls or sending emails directly to their parents. If any others request an invite, you don’t have to cave in. Try and explain that it’s a very small party but you will be willing to organize a play date in the future.  Don’t forget to indicate in the invites if it is strictly by invitation.


  • Venue– Where is the best place to have this party? This depends a lot on the number of children you’re having, plans for entertainment, ages of children invited…you get the drift. For example, if you’re planning for a slumber party for 5 kids, common sense dictates that all activities can happen at home with no need to rent out a hall. You’ll also need to factor accessibility to clean and functioning restrooms, absence of hazards, tight security (we don’t want children being kidnapped, do we?)


  • Duration of the party– You don’t want the children getting irritable because they haven’t had a nap or their sleep schedule has been interrupted. Make sure your party is long enough for both the little guests and their parents. Don’t forget to indicate start and end times in the invitation.


  • Invitations– Apart from having hard copy invites, you can go paperless by sending customized notifications via email. Make sure you send these early to give your guests enough time to plan. e-Save the Dates are also a very good idea if you can’t get your invitations out on time.


  • Food– What’s a party without yummy food? Don’t forget that it’s a children’s party so you’ll need to be creative. Take note of popular allergy triggering foods such as nuts; be wary of sugar content; and, don’t forget to include essential fruit and vegetables (in exciting ways).


  • Entertainment– You will need to keep all the little tykes preoccupied. Children have short attention spans so make sure you have enough activities to keep them busy. Note of warning: Make sure their all child friendly – seeing 4yr olds dancing to songs with obscene lyrics isn’t cute. If you have particular entertainers in mind, endeavour to book early; the really good ones may already be committed before you can spell P-A-R-T-Y!


These are just a few things to guide you. Each event is unique and there can be numerous other factors to consider such as accommodation and transportation.

Don’t worry if you’ve begun the DIY process and you become overwhelmed, just give us a call and we’ll help you out.


Have fun with the party planning!