From Busy People, For Busy People: 5 Productivity Tips

Overwhelmed? Stressed out? Swamped at work? We at No Surprises feel your pain! We are always busy! With multiple events and hours of Lagos traffic, it seems like there is just never enough time in the day.

Here are some tips on how to manage a busy schedule and get it all done:

Sleep, eat, and exercise! It may seem like a trivial thing but these are truly the essentials of life. Many Nigerians are on a 0-1-0 diet (only 1 meal a day). For most, the only exercise is when walking from the parking lot to the office. And what is sleep?! Well, sleep, eating, and exercising can help you start each day on the right foot and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Come up with a Create a daily action plan from your route to work to when you will leave the office, and stick to it! Knowing what the day ahead looks like will help you stay on task.

Write down your main to-do list with pen and paper. Electronic lists are fine, but within a few seconds, you would have probably clicked to YouTube or Bella Naija.

Follow the 2-minute rule and 5-minute rule. If it can be completed in just 2 minutes (replying to an email, making a phone call), then do it immediately. If working on many projects with many steps, work on one for 5 minutes, then move on to the next. Great way to always have updates for your boss, instead of saying I haven’t started on that yet

Schedule your Don’t always be available; you can drive yourself mad trying to reply to every message! Review emails and make phone calls in batches; try late morning, after lunch, and before closing.