Google Cultural Immersion


Create a cultural immersion event within the week-long Google for Nigeria event. Make it fun and unforgettable for the attendees and showcase the best of Nigeria while you do it.

250 Attendees

Attendee demographics

Googlers from around the world/outside Nigeria including Google CEO Sundar Pichai and special guests across media, art, and culture.


Let’s just say there were a lot of conversations about Emigration… Just kidding! Guests had so much fun and got to know just a little bit more about the culture, the people and the country Nigeria. We also hear a few guests demanded to be called their new adopted Nigerian names.​

Google Events​

Our work with Google includes The YouTube Nigeria Launch, Gnigeria, Android One launch, Google SYNC, Google House, Google The Real Naija and several others.​


What we did for Google​

Our mission remains to change the Nigerian narrative by delivering world-class events, so this was right up our alley! Our design theme was “rustic Nigeria”. We created an intimate and relaxed seating arrangement with simple white sofas accentuated with “ankara” prints. Nigeria’s finest creatives adorned the walls with art that became part of the authentic Nigerian look and feel. We had cultural performances through dance, art, and music.

We created an interactive area called “The Real Naija Challenge” where non-Nigerians got to try out a few activities to induct them as “true Nigerians”. From tasting the legendary Jollof rice to learning pidgin (the local street language) and of course busting some trending Nigeria moves, we made sure they got the full Nigerian experience, all culminated with a Certificate of Citizenship and a new Nigerian name.

The evening ended with top Nigerian band Shuga band performing some major Nigerian hits that got everyone dancing for hours.