Hennessy 250th Anniversary


Hennessy Cognac celebrated its 250th Anniversary and to mark this milestone, they needed help carrying out a continental tour filled with a variety of activities and events to highlight this achievement which also included a concert.

1,500 Attendees

Attendee demographics

Ranging from young upwardly mobile adults to mature individuals who appreciate the finer cognacs in life.


Guests came away with a sense of the Hennessy history. They were better able to understand and appreciate what goes into the making/blending of a bottle of Hennessy cognac.

What we did for Hennessy

The event was in two parts, the first part was the targeting, selection, travel logistics and creating of a world-class experience for 18 HNIs. As part of the World Tour, we carried out a series of events in Johannesburg, South Africa and in Nigeria, including a very prestigious dinner with several executives, stakeholders and the Tasting Committee from Hennessy.

The second event took place at the Federal Palace Hotel where attendees took part in a Time Barrel Exhibition. Staying true to the theme “Crafting the future” guests left messages in the video booth that came with the time barrel hopefully to be discovered in the future.

The evening ended with a concert with performances from A-list artists such as Shina Peters, Jesse Jagz, Adekunle Gold, Kiss Daniel, Ycee while guests were also treated to cocktails from the finest Hennessy cognacs.