Let’s Get Experiential! – Building Brand Loyalty with Experiential Events

We all know it’s one thing to make a product and another thing entirely to get your customers stick with it forever.

Experiential events are used to engage a customer/consumer with a brand or product, resulting in an emotional and memorable experience that will lead to brand loyalty, repeat purchases, and referrals.

Here are some tips on how to use experiential marketing to boost customer loyalty:

Know your audience and your aim. Are you launching a new product? Or do you want to show your current customers that you appreciate them? Your event should cater to your target market and follow your objective.

Be daring! Do something you haven’t done before, or anyone else for that matter. Is your product 2x faster than the competition? Book a cheetah for your event! Or maybe not 😉

Select the right venue. The environment for your consumer event is key. Is it an intimate event or on a grander scale? Will it be inside of your store or on the road?

Appeal to the five senses, hearing, sight, smell, taste, touch. People love to eat and to dance! We love pretty things too.

Provide instant gratification. You have a short amount of time to leave a great impact on your consumers. During the event, be quick, direct, and interactive.

Social media RULES! Engage your consumer online with pictures and videos. Why not create an app?!

Be sure to measure the success of your event. Get feedback from your customers. Make them feel appreciated and you’ll be sure they will keep coming back!


Source: mycustomer.com, cosineuk.com, inc.com