Top Trends for Events in 2015

It’s never too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We hope you’ve missed us as much as we’ve missed you.

To kick-off 2015, we’ll love to share the Top Trends for Events in 2015 with you.


It’s going to be a techie year: The experts have consulted their crystal balls and predict that 2015 is going to be a year of mobile apps being used to engage guests/ attendees at events.



And we can’t forget, WI-FI!!! Especially at corporate events, it’s becoming a standard to have free Wi-Fi provided for the benefit of all guests.


Décor: Think contemporary and futuristic. Top party décor and accessory trends identified include: Neon confetti; Gold dipped glassware; Minimalist designs; Luxe metallic furniture; Modular sofa seating; LED party balloons


Pic6   Pic7    Pic3    Pic5



Colour Us Beautiful: Pantone has declared Marsala the colour of the year.




Budget! Budget! Budget!: This year, everyone is being more cost conscious so, expect to see event planners pulling tricks out of a box with a lot of creative improvisations .




Food and Beverages: Now, this is certainly one category we all looovvvveeee!!! Expect your food and drinks vendors to blow your mind! We’re certainly going to push them to 🙂

  • Edible Shot Glasses – Yup! You got that right! Imagine not only having a drink but also getting a delicious extra after. You’re going to see shot glasses made out of candy, cookies, fruit, ice cream cones….

Pic14    Pic11   Pic13


Pic12  Pic10


  • Ice cream in gourmet flavours: No more bland vanilla, step aside boring chocolate. Let’s welcome amazing flavours like Peanut Butter Guava Jelly, Pumpkin Spice (Yes, Starbucks lovers!), Gingerbread Cookie, Chocolate Reeses Pieces, Marshmallow, Mint Oreo, Passion fruit… Gosh! We’re sure we’ve left you craving for some now.



  • Vegetarian Dishes: Our fellow Nigerians, don’t be scared, you’re still going to have your meat but, there’s expected to be a rise in the number of vegetarian dishes served at events as hosts and our ever inventive chefs will be paying more attention to the dietary needs of guests. Our menus are going to be exploding with the likes of Mediterranean stuffed peppers, Veggie burgers, Carrot fries, uber creative pasta dishes etc.

Yotam Ottolenghi's orange-roasted carrots with rocket and ricotta        Pic17




We can’t wait to see what else this year has in store. How about you???