What it Takes to Plan an Amazing Event

Hi ya people! Hope you’re having a great week.

At No Surprises, we’ve had the opportunity of planning and managing quite a number of events and we’ll like to share some tips which have helped us along the way. These are non-exhaustive and you can also share yours in the comments: –

State your objectives: Why are you having your event? Who is your target audience? Do you know their needs? What is the theme?

Know your budget: Need we say more???

Get your resources together: Outline everything you’ll need to make the event work! Your team, vendors, sponsors etc.

Brief your team: Give your team a breakdown of the entire event. Assign responsibilities: vendor management, publicity, catering, décor, entertainment. If you’re collaborating with an external team, know your reporting lines.

Brainstorm: Carryout research, have a brainstorming session with your team. Do all you can to make sure you have awesome ideas which you can execute for the event.

Develop a timeline: Develop a task list and set out milestones for each activity. This helps you keep track of everything that needs to be done.

Supervise: Follow-up with your vendors and team members on all activities. Ensure all things are done timely. Troubleshoot as required

Walkthrough: Once you’ve finalized on all things for the event, have a walkthrough with your team and vendors. Identify issues and resolve asap.

Evaluate: How will you measure success? After the event, seat back with your team and have a discussion on what worked and what could be improved on. Share lessons learnt and keep them in view for your next event.


Don’t forget to have fun!!!